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Next auction: 2.- 4.3. 2020


Vehicle buy back

With us you get an easy, fast and guaranteed sale of all your vehicles at above standard rates!

Why sell cars through Veacom s.r.o.?

  • Fast sale of all your vehicles for a maximum price
  • Most of all vehicles are sold within the first auction round
  • Our bidding network across whole Europe enable us to sell even vehicles that are unsaleable in Czech Republic or dramatically increase selling price
  • We sell any car - saloon, used, immobile or crashed
  • We sell all types of vehicles - cars, utility vehicles, trucks, trailers, construction equipment, ..
  • Six candidates for each vehicle on average
  • Absolute transparency of the sales process and total fairness
  • We have successfully sold thousands of vehicles
  • Commissions are paid only if the sale was successful
  • We carry all sales risks under the Civil Code
  • We can also facilitate internal employee auctions
  • Zero risk and worry about slow sales and idling of your vehicle - road tax, batteries, electronics, equipment thefts, depreciation, etc.